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The recording industry has changed radically in the last 20 years. The availability of affordable recording equipment means anyone can create a home or project studio.

Recording your own material yourself can not only be enjoyable but a very free and creative way to work. However, when you have finished you will often find you are happy with what you have created, but your track is lacking the cohesion of a professional mix.

Like wise you may have recorded your work at a commercial recording studio and have come away happy with your performance but not always the mix.

These are both very common occurrences. AudioCooker could give your songwriting and recordings the polished mix they deserves.

So how does it all work?

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1) First of all, before anything else we talk, either by phone, email, Skype or in person. This is arguably the most important stage to help build a rapport and communicate the vibe and feel you are looking for in your mix.
  • Are you looking for a vintage 70's vibe or a clean and modern production?
  • Are there any specially effects you had envisaged happening within the song - panning effects, reverb or delays?
  • Are you looking for a tight and dry drum sound or a "John Bonham style" ambient and roomy feel.
This is a vital part of the mix process and the way it would work on a professional production, producer and artist meeting with the mix engineer to discuss the creative thought process behind what has been recorded. At this point sending us a rough mp3 mix of your song would be useful to help reference the above.
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2) We obviously need to get hold of your individual audio tracks. there are several methods you could use to do this:

  • If you are local to the West Yorkshire area of England you can simple arrange to drop them off.
  • If you are further a field you could write the individual audio files to a DVD or memory stick and post them.
  • Alternatively if you live further away or are outside of the UK you can use a free online file transfer service like89130-wetransfer-default-logo-rgb-original-1365619064

Please click HERE for important information and tips on sending your files.
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3) Then, before we start the mix, and only if needed (our discussions will help determine the vibe you are looking for) we virtually "re-record" your tracks through some of the finest studio room and mic pre-amp emulations technology currently has to offer. Often this process is not needed but "re-recording" your drum kit tracks through some Neve or API "mic pre-amps" in a world class "studio room" can really help fatten or add life to the sound, especially if the original tracks were recorded in a cost effective budget studio. Please note, this process will not rescue a badly recorded tracks, but can really help inject some of that vintage style harmonic distortion that our human ears perceive as fat and warm. This process will work equally well with vocals, keyboards and especially guitars.

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4) Finally we start your mix. As we approach the end of the mix we will send you a rough mp3 mixdown to allow you to add your own input and thoughts. Once the mix is complete you will be sent a file containing mix snap shots for your approval. Remember, no payment will be required until you are happy with your mix!

N.B. Your mix will be dynamic with no brick wall limiting applied. Although punchy this "pre-mastered" mix will probably sound much lower in volume when compared with a commercial release. At this point you have a choice:
  • We can provide you with a quick "pseudo mastered" track which will have a perceived volume level of a commercial release
  • Provide you with the un-mastered high resolution audio file to give to your mastering engineer
  • Or to give your mixes that final sheen you could opt for our own full mastering service

Please note, we are usually very busy, so if you have a deadline to work to please try and allow plenty of time when booking your mix.

Improve your own studio skills...

AudioCooker is not just here as a business, we like to help too! It takes many years if not decades to gain the experience needed to successfully produce a coherent and balance mix. Please visit our Tips and Tricks section here for tutorials and techniques used by the pro's to help you on your journey to becoming a successful mix or recording engineer.
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